Wanderlust Hawaii

February 27 - March 2, 2014

It’s encouraging to see how a simple idea, executed well, can create a global festival phenomenon. There’s a music festival to meet virtually each person’s taste around the planet, allowing you to surround yourself with like-minded folks in a habitat that feels like it’s an extension of you. Jeff Krasno, co-founder of Wanderlust, wondered why there wasn’t a gathering like this for the holistically-minded, health-conscious folks of the world. So, in 2009, he combined yoga with live music, farm-to-table food, outdoor adventure, inspirational speakers, a healing vibe, and a beautiful Lake Tahoe setting, and Wanderlust was born. Since then, Krasno, co-founder Sean Hoess and Krasno’s wife Schuyler have expanded to eight festivals in three countries as well as five daylong festivals in major US cities.

Wanderlust was positively overwhelmed with demand for their first adventure in Hawaii in 2013 since there are so many people thirsting for a healthy yoga retreat integrated with water sports and island culture. At the Hawaii event, award-winning musician Michael Franti joined yoga guru Shiva Rea for a performance on stage while hundreds of attendees stretched and danced. At one point, Michael had the entire crowd break down into circles of five, then 12, then one gigantic circle running the entire outer ring and he said, “Now go hug someone across the way you don’t know.” Welcome to Wanderlust. It’s a shock their anthem isn’t “Kumbaya.”


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